Tablogix shared advanced technologies with the participants of the Congress of Logistics Operators

FB_IMG_1493744589313.jpgOn 28th April, Alfred Eckl, Tablogix’s Development Director gave a speech to the Congress of Logistics Operators in Moscows World Trade Centre. The Congress is one of the most notable events in the logistics calendar and this years event received a lot of positive feedback.

Alfred highlighted a number of problems associated with managing logistics in Russia and suggested that more use should be made of European experience and best practice. He suggested, for example, the use of visual management tools to increase staff involvement, the use of Lean engineering and management techniques. He also encouraged the use of technologies such as RFID and Pick-by-Voice allow for the elimination of paper, which is time consuming and a source of error. Alfred feels that excessive use is made of third party security personnel in warehouses who add little value but delay activity by re-checking completed work. Processes should be developed to minimise error and tools such as video security support systems to monitor outbound activity and eliminate the need for additional personnel.

FB_IMG_1493744869106.jpgThe Congress of Logistics Operators brought together not only logistics providers but also retailers, manufacturers and distributors of FMCG products and online retailers. The event served as a platform to air thoughts and ideas and to exchange experiences. It gave an overview of the Russian logistics market and highlighted key challenges. Logistics service providers presented developments and valuable experience in managing in warehouse and transport logistics. The event was organized by ILM and MLP.

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