Tablogix has joined the Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber

In September 2017 Tablogix joined the Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade to develop business with German companies in Russia.

Many German manufacturers ship products to Russia or develop their own production facilities on the Russian territory. Fast, accurate and low cost delivery is a result of effective logistics operations. Tablogix has provided warehousing and domestic distribution for worldwide companies since 1994.

Membership in the Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade corresponds to the company's strategy for the development of logistics projects for foreign companies. Tablogix solutions allow you to accelerate and optimize warehousing and distribution in Russia at the lowest cost. In addition the logistics partner provides IT integration, highest level of information security and labor protection.

According to Alfred Eсkl, Development Director, Tablogix: "By participation in Russian-German chamber of Commerce we have an additional opportunity to learn more about the activities of German companies in the Russian market, their requirements and targets. This step will allow us to establish long-term partnership and obtain opportunities for further development within the great AHK network. Based on 20 year experience and resources, Tablogix is ready to implement any Russian-German logistic project and strengthen relations between two countries."

The Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade includes more than 800 German, Russian and other companies. They work together within the framework of industry committees and professional working groups to develop joint solutions on current issues and spread best practices.

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