One team, one plan, one goal – the way to operational efficiency

_DSC1193.jpgOn the 15th of February Tablogix development director Alfred Eckl made a speech "The art of warehouse management in Russia" at the plenary session of the XXI Moscow International Logistics Forum. Mr. Eckl considered the issues of efficiency, quality, control and environmental aspects.

The art of warehouse management is based on such values as aggressive restructuring in order to reduce costs, accelerated development of services, a united team, the introduction of innovations at all stages. The united team of the logistics company provides close interaction with the clients, turning them into loyalists, and as a result, leads to long-term partnership.

_DSC1213.jpgOperational excellence, financial obligations, solid knowledge of the client's business, attracting world-class talents comes to the forefront in logistics service. Alfred Eckl recommends eliminating losses, using the Six Sigma methodology, Kaizen techniques, establishing clear processes. In terms of quality, you must demonstrate your actions and never compromise. Visual management helps to make production processes clear for employees.

The control is carried out through simple but clear status reports, scorecard process, Individual Employee (Staff) Development Plan, etc. The wide use of CCTV allows demonstrating that required products leave the warehouse without damage and in the required quantity. Alfred Eckl also recommends reusing of inbound pack material to save recourses and reduce the negative impact on the environment. In the automotive aftersales business that takes a significant share of Tablogix operations, lot of individual packaging is required. This business requires very clever packaging solutions.

In 2018 the Moscow International Logistics Forum reached a record in the number of participants. More than 500 representatives from 12 countries, including Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Latvia, Greece, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan attended the main day of the forum. Jos Marinus, Vice-President of the European Logistic Association (ELA) opened the forum program with the report "End-to-end supply chain management: transparency, innovative approaches and practical recommendations".

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