Tablogix develops effective SCM and logistics for automotive industry in Russia

WW2A6276_.jpgTablogix makes a significant contribution in aftersales business of car manufacturers, developing liaison service for dealers, effective warehousing  and delivery of spare parts to the Russian market. Tablogix develops close cooperation with car brands more than 20 years. In 2017 Tablogix launched warehousing operations for UAZ as well. Operations for automotive clients are certified under the ISO 9001:2015.

Spare parts come to the Russian Distribution Center from the local suppliers and European countries. Based on the figures of one of Tablogix client 12% of car parts come from local suppliers, 83% from Europe, 5% from the US. In recent years, the level of localization of auto part production has been growing which leads to more efficient logistics and faster service for dealers. Tablogix implements support functions for Russian suppliers and provides full supply chain management service for US car parts. Spare parts that are not manufactured in Russia and Europe are shipped from the US by sea or air. Tablogix Supply Chain Planning Department analyzes demand for particular part, makes demand forecast to guarantee availability of US car parts in the Russian stock.

мезонин.jpgTablogix has developed logistic service for automotive brands in accordance with customer requirements. The main task is delivering operational excellence based on ongoing efficiency improvements and dDriving Innovation. Working with large global automotive companies Tablogix follows their policies and Code of Conduct, fulfills Quality Standards and adopts Best Practices. Quality control implements through clear status reports, scorecards, individual target reviews etc.

To achieve high results logistic provider introduces continuously improvements in receipt, order picking, shipping and storage. New methods allowed us to accelerate warehouse operations, increase utilization of storage space, reduce risk of damage. A new solution for the storage of plastic spare parts caused the optimization of storage area. To assure stable service level for dealers Tablogix has developed logistic customer liaison application. Managing claims, registering queries of dealers, monitoring of dealer satisfaction are the functions of this IT tool. Part Distribution Center managed by Tablogix operates in the WMS of customers.

WW2A6306_1_.jpgIn the automotive aftersales business a lot of individual packaging is required which needs very clever solutions, even as durable units. Tablogix implements unique packaging approach in the Russian market reusing inbound pack material and making durable containers. According to Alfred Eckl, Tablogix Development Director: «Tons of packaging material, cartons, wooden panels, pallets get scrapped. It does not only cost money but creates environmental issues. Tablogix develops own joinery and packaging production from used wooden and carton materials. It allows us to reduce packaging cost and production influence on the environment».

Developing a logistics service for automotive companies, Tablogix not only meets the requirements of automakers, dealers and car owners, but strives to exceed them. The logistics provider implements solutions that lead to the future development of the aftersales business in Russia.

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