Alfred Eckl has spoken at the forum within Cemat exhibition

CeMAT1.jpgFrom the 19th to the 21st of September 2018 «Effective Management of Enterprise Intralogistics» Forum brought together market professionals to discuss the latest achievements and best practices in intralogistics.

Having spoken at the forum session dedicated to industrial enterprises, Alfred Eckl, Operations development director, Tablogix, shared his expertise in implementing of effective solutions. The topic of the presentation by Mr. Eckl: Enhanced aftersales services in the automotive tndustry covered such issues as insourcing or outsourcing, the depth of outsourcing, examples of cost reduction and labor productivity growth, introduction of lean tools etc.

CeMAT2.jpgThe speaker recommended to the participants implementing their initiatives to improve business processes instead of waiting for clients’ requests. Besides, he emphasized the importance of acting as an internal division of the partners company and demonstrating own achievements and successful methods. Among the effective warehouse management tools, Mr. Eckl named continuous improvement worksheet, employee improvement suggestions, best practice replication, visual management, and quality team circles.

CeMAT3.JPGAlso, during the other forum sessions, the main trends and digitalization of logistic processes, building and upgrading of storage facilities, organization of supply chains and many other pressing problems in the industry were discussed. In the format of a “fight club”, a discussion was held on the most critical issues of intralogistics: what is of higher priority – quality or savings, IT or robots, leasing or construction of an own warehouse, outsourcing or own personnel? During the three days, the Forum was attended by over 750 professionals. More than 200 international brands have presented their innovative solutions and equipment at the Cemat.

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