SUZUKI MOTOR RUS and Tablogix have signed a storage contract

suzuki WH.jpgSUZUKI MOTOR RUS and Tablogix signed a contract for storage of spare parts, accessories, motorcycles and other materials. The decision to change the provider was due to the program of the top management of SUZUKI MOTOR RUS to optimize the costs of logistics and warehousing services.

In August 2018 Tablogix accepted the first deliveries and began shipping of orders to official SUZUKI dealers in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus. Auto parts arrive to the distribution center from factories in Hungary and Japan, as well as local suppliers from Russia.

The class A warehouse is located in the South-East of the Moscow Region, 6 km from the Moscow Ring Road. It meets all the requirements for the storage and handling of auto parts. Close location to Moscow allows you to deliver orders quickly. At the preparatory stage Tablogix increased the number of warehouse personnel and purchased new equipment. In the near future, it is planned to introduce automated data exchange between Tablogix warehouse management system and SUZUKI IT system.

“With the planned growth of sales in Russia this year a thoughtful decision was made to optimize costs, including logistics. The goal of the Suzuki brand is to exceed the expectations of customers, surprise and delight them with unsurpassed Japanese quality, outstanding technical characteristics and affordable prices. I am confident in the reliability and innovation of our new partner, who has brought Suzuki closer to its goals”, said Mr. Takahashi Yuta, CEO of SUZUKI MOTOR RUS. 

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