Working conditions in Tomilino and Davydovo warehouses have been approved


Working environment has a huge impact on the health and safety of employees. Therefore, the Labor Code of the Russian Federation establishes the obligation of each employer to identify and assess the impact of dangerous factors and the production process on workers. These measures are called Special Assessment of Working Conditions.

In 2018 Special Assessment of Working Conditions was held at two Tablogix warehouse facilities located in Tomilino and Davydovo. According to the expert opinion, working conditions at these facilities are admissible, harmful and dangerous factors are not revealed. Confidence in safety and comfortable conditions greatly affect the motivation of employees. Working in favorable environment, employees reveal their best qualities and work more productively.

Special Assessment of Working Conditions is held every 5 years, as well in case of new jobs. Assessment is executed by the organization, which is included in the special register of the Ministry of labor and has an accredited laboratory for measurements.

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