Tyre manufacturer Michelin thanked Tablogix for its contribution to the environmental audit

The management of the plant thanks the Tablogix staff for the preparation and participation in the audit of the environmental protection system and prevention of risks in the field of ecology and industrial hygiene.


Tablogix planted an anniversary alley

26 September Tablogix planted a jubilee alley in the vicinity of the memorial stone on Rubezhniy proezd in Moscow. In 1941-1942 there was the line of defense of the 4th division of the Moscow Home Guard.


Alfred Eckl will present GO GREEN system at the forum "Warehouses of Russia" in St. Petersburg

November 20 Alfred Eckl, Operations Development Director at Tablogix, will deliver an report about results of Go GREEN waste management system in 2019.


1-year anniversary of cooperation with Michelin

On August 1 Tablogix started working at the warehouse of French tire manufacturer Michelin. This is an important milestone in the development of Tablogix.


Tablogix Express is testing GAZelle NEXT

The new van is used for cargo transportation in Moscow. Mainly it carries the products of automotive customers from the Distribution center located in the South-East of the Moscow region.


Tablogix celebrates 25 year anniversary in Russia

For a quarter of a century, Tablogix has acquired a huge potential to feel confident today. Here you will find unlimited enthusiasm and faith in progress. We have been creating a reputation of a reliable partner for 25 years, and continue to develop high-quality logistics service.

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