Natalya Matveenko


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Irina Katrich


Training manager
Oksana Koshaeva


Section superviser
Elena Solovieva


Section supervision
Roman Kluchkovskiy


Shift leader

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Training & Development

The services provided by Tablogix are designed to meet the highest requirements of international companies operating in Russia. A team of motivated, proactive, energetic and loyal employees supporting by effective IT solutions allow the company to sustain a high level of quality. The company provides learning opportunities to staff of all levels.

The corporate training programmes use a full range of learning methods and tools aims at labor efficiency, growth, development of executive staff and improving of professional skills. Only trained employees are permitted to operate with clients’ goods. A list of courses, work instructions and procedures for each position are included in the competency matrix.

Training is conducted both in corporate classrooms and at the workplace under the guidance of experienced coach using all necessary models, equipment and information. In addition, employees also study at business schools and training centers. TABLOGIX provides employees with an opportunity to gain higher education. In accordance with RF legislation all working students are provided with paid educational leave.

Training Stages

Adaptation (training to work in new conditions)

Support (development of new approaches and methods of work)

Development (facilitates professional, career and personal growth)

Training topics

Production processes, warehouse equipment, radio data terminals, labor safety, fire safety, software, warehouse management system, English, management skills, legislative amendments, new approaches in logistics.

Mentoring – an important stage in preparing new staff. A tutor-guide clarifies difficulties and advises new employees during the traineeship.

The training ofpersonnelreserveallows to create a professionalbalancedstructure aimed at achieving the companys strategic goals.